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Announcing a New Partnership

qcm logo, partnership with Boxzilla        Boxzilla Moving Supplies

Quick and Careful Moving is proud to announce that we have partnered with Boxzilla Moving Supplies, a local company from Grand Rapids, MI to be our official box supplier. Why partner with Boxzilla?  Boxzilla provides a range of affordable Eco-friendly and industrial strength boxes for your moving needs.  What’s better is that these boxes are re-usable– Boxzilla can even drop these off at your doorstep and pick them up when you’re done. This means that you don’t have to deal with all the waste that cardboard boxes leave you with, saving you time and effort– just empty the boxes (or don’t, you can purchase them at a low cost per box if you wished to keep some for storage), and they pick them up, no cleanup required.

Re-usable box systems versus traditional cardboard boxes

Re-usable box systems, like those rented by Boxzilla, have several distinct advantages over traditional cardboard boxes.  The boxes have subtle grooves in the lids, allowing them to be stacked neatly, regardless of the contents, and fit onto a roller system, allowing you to simply roll your heavy boxes around so that you don’t have to break your back trying to get the boxes where you need them to be.  Re-usable box systems are far more durable than traditional cardboard, and can help prevent your belongings from being crushed by a heavier box being placed on top of it.

Re-usable boxes also retain their strength regardless of the weather conditions, and help protect it’s contents from inclement weather, such as rain and snow.  Cardboard is a paper based product, so when it gets wet, it loses all of it’s strength, and the contents inside get wet as well.  Re-usable boxes are environmentally friendly and made of 100% recycled high-density poly-plastic. Re-usable boxes are also friendly because they were built to last– most boxes can last more than 400 average uses before they need to be retired under normal usage conditions, and retired boxes can get melted down and the materials reused in new boxes, which conserves resources.


 FeatureBoxzilla Box SystemTraditional Cardboard Boxes
Can be used to store Household goods?YESYES
Can be used to store business materials?YESYES
Can be used for long-term storage?YESYES
Comes with convienent dolly for easy movement?YESNO
Interlocks with other boxes for stability?YESNO
Is intended to be Re-usable?YESNO
Easy and convienent to get rid of?YESNO
Provides protection from the elements during rainy or snowy days?YESNO
Built with Industrial strength materials?YESNO

To learn more about Boxzilla, or to reserve your boxes please go to their website.  We would be happy to assist you in the box reservation process as well, just mention your interest to your moving coordinator when booking with us, and we can set up your box delivery conveniently over the phone.  This partnership is just one more way we can provide you with a better moving experience.


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