Interstate Moves

What is an interstate move?

An interstate move is any move that crosses state lines that has a distance from the pickup to the drop off of more than 40 miles.

We can provide you with moving services to any location within the continental US. In 99% of cases, your belongings are the only items in our trucks. This allows us to provide you with more accurate pickup and delivery windows.

When choosing interstate movers, remember:

1.  If they refuse to come out and do an estimate, they are most likely not the movers you should choose

2.  Your potential movers should provide you with a written estimate detailing estimated charges. They must provide this prior to beginning work and often times will provide this either the same day or the next day after an estimator arrives.

3.  If your movers ask you for a substantial down payment, they may not be a moving company at all, or they may lack the licensing required for this type of move. Companies that ask for substantial deposit amounts also have a higher likelihood of attempting to hold onto your belongings if you don’t pay a bill that ends up being way larger than they originally quoted.

Small deposits are considered industry standard and should never exceed 10% of the quoted amount. The primary reason for a deposit is to ensure that they do not miss out on work opportunities because they had you scheduled for a move, only for you to withdraw at the last minute.

4.  If they don’t provide you with either a paper copy or a digital link to the information all interstate movers are required to provide you with, then they may not be properly licensed to move your goods.

5.  You have the legal right to your belongings. A company cannot refuse to deliver your goods because of non-payment as long as you pay 110% of the quoted amount. Any dispute over the balance owed beyond that can be done with your belongings in your possession. Again, we provide our quoted pricing guarantee that this will never happen to you if you choose us for your move.

To schedule your free no-obligation estimate, please give us a call at 616-368-2900


Recommended Reading:

Ready to move” – A US Department of Transportation packet provided as a public service

Your Rights and Responsibilities when you move” – A US department of Transportation booklet designed to inform you of your rights and what you need to do before, during, and after your move.
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