About Us

Our Core ValuesMoving Truck Grand Rapids

Quick and Careful Moving is a locally owned and rated as one of the top Grand Rapids moving companies. We believe that the best way of achieving our organizational goals is by regularly measuring all aspects of service—both internally and via customer feedback. We strive to provide impeccable quality work and service for our customers. We also realize that in order to be successful, we must always strive for improvement and development in every aspect of our service.

Customer-Centered Focus

While we may provide an incredible value to our customers, we understand that ultimately they don’t need us—we need them. We believe strongly in providing our customers with a moving experience that is of the highest possible quality and overall value.


When two or three movers are in charge of moving your home, good teamwork is a major time saver. Crew member teamwork maintains the condition of your goods and property. Our movers are assigned their own roles on each move to see that what gets measured gets done.


QCM is insured and state licensed.  We offer actual references, display actual customer reviews and photos, and provide proof of insurance to anyone interested in our services. Although our training, experience, and level of care should prevent any problems from arising, if there should be any dispute regarding our services, we vow our best effort to resolve in a timely and courteous manner.

Intelligent Methodology

Quality moving requires quick calculations on how to best to pack items into the spaces allotted. Done correctly, these types of professional techniques can save customers a substantial amount of money. Quick and Careful Moving encourages mindfulness among our crew members.

Our Philosophy

We strive each day to achieve the highest possible level of service for our customers. We create an atmosphere where great performance is rewarded and we refuse to settle for mediocrity. QCM looks for crew members who share these ethics and values.

Our Promise

When it comes to your belongings, we care like you care. From tying or strapping down goods that would otherwise move and shift during shipments, to coating your furniture with high-performance stretch film—we know how to handle each situation and protect items as we would if they were our own.


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